We accelerate the implementation of climate blended finance structures

The CC Facility offers grant funding of up to USD 500,000, customized acceleration support and knowledge-sharing through a learning hub.

Grant Funding

Funding to accelerate the launch and scale-up of blended finance structures for climate action

Through bundled grant funding and customized acceleration support, the CC Facility enables climate finance structures to address barriers preventing private capital mobilization, as well as provides implementation monitoring and valuable networks to grantees throughout the grant period. Grant funding is performance-driven and based on achieving predetermined milestones and deliverables.

Acceleration Support

Customized technical assistance for 12-18 months to build capabilities to accelerate the market roll-out of blended climate finance structures

A comprehensive offering of services focused on strategy, fundraising, and operations to advance implementation of climate finance structures. Support will proactively address key barriers to attracting private capital. See FAQ for examples.

Learning Hub (coming soon)

Knowledge-sharing resources to help build the field and consolidate the market, creating synergies and increasing efficiencies in the ecosystem

Drawing on CPI and Convergence's extensive data collection and research efforts, the Learning Hub will accelerate the implementation of blended finance structures, mobilize private capital, and achieve socioeconomic and environmental impact.

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