Supporting blended structures to mobilize private capital for climate finance in developing markets

The CC Facility helps the most innovative blended climate finance structures become investable solutions that can be standardized, replicated, and scaled. 

What we offer

The CC Facility accelerates the implementation of climate finance structures by offering grant funding of up to USD 500,000

Customized technical assistance to address key barriers, access to our network, and complimentary Convergence membership

Knowledge-sharing through a learning hub

Grant funding up to

USD 500,000

Acceleration support

12-18 months

Learning hub

Coming soon

The CC Facility accelerates financing and implementation of innovative and high-impact climate structures in developing countries.

Not currently accepting applications

Call For Applications

To participate in the program, carefully review the eligibility criteria and complete the concept note form.

Round 2024-1 closed on April 24, 2024
Round 2024-2 opens on September 19, 2024

Our funders are focused on making an impact in scaling climate finance

A snapshot of our impact

We accelerate the implementation of impactful blended finance structures that can attract private investments toward climate solutions in developing economies.

Target size

USD 100 Million

Our ambitions are bold. We aim to raise USD 100 million of catalytic donor capital to accelerate launch of blended finance structures closing the climate financing gap and accelerate climate solutions for developing economies. Contact us to learn more about partnering with the CC Facility to meet these critical objectives.



Market-ready blended climate finance structures driving private investments into climate action.


USD 2.4 Million

CC Facility grantees are awarded up to USD 500,000 to launch and scale their blended finance structures.

We’ve been a part of the Catalytic Climate Finance Facility for a few months now, and the experience has been powerful so far. With the grant and acceleration support from the Facility, we will be able to iterate on our structure financial model and investor pitch for what we have, strengthen our gender strategy to be more transformative, and ultimately launch and raise private capital. The CC Facility team have been very directive, enabling us to be both bold and wise in a way that we wouldn’t able to do without the facility.

Jeremy Golan

Smallholder Resilience Ventures, One Acre Fund