Latin America and the Caribbean


Sustainable Guaranty Solutions (SGS) 

SGS is designed as a guarantee mechanism that consolidates all the underlying risk mitigation components of a greenfield project into a single completion guarantee.


Sustainable Guaranty Solutions (SGS) will be a USD 100 million asset-backed guarantee company that addresses infrastructure completion risks by offering project developers full credit enhancement based on the project’s assets and aggregating all underlying credit enhancements involved in the development of green infrastructure projects. The SGS concept will be implemented through a new company, managed by Albion Capital.


There is a sizable private capital market in Brazil that can finance the demand in sustainable infrastructure projects in local currency, reducing the need for public/development capital and/or for FX hedge. However, local private investors are reluctant to take construction risks, a major obstacle to unlocking private finance in climate-aligned infrastructure.


SGS underwrites all completion risks of an eligible project, issuing an investment-grade single guarantee to protect financiers from completion risk. By transferring the completion risks to SGS, this will unlock private capital in local currency, improving access to finance for greenfield climate-aligned projects and reduce the cost of capital for project developers.

CC Facility Support

The CC Facility is supporting Albion Capital in finalizing the legal structure for SGS, fundraising and investor outreach, pipeline development, and the development of an ESG and gender equality strategy.


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